Are Free Trials For Streaming TV Coming to an End?

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Are Free Trials For Streaming TV Coming to an End?

Post by Admin » Thu Feb 18, 2021 2:21 am

Like the air we breathe, many cord-cutters have taken free trials for granted for some time now. But recently Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max have eliminated free trials for their streaming TV services.


FIERCE Video is reporting that during a recent panel discussion at Stream TV Growth Summit, executives from streaming services including both YouTube TV and Discovery.
Esther Ahn, head of the user experience at YouTube TV, said she still believes free trials are key in promoting transparency and authenticity in the eyes of consumers. She said it’s still important for people to be able to experience a product before they sign up. “I believe in that and hopefully we can continue with it,” she said.
Yet other streaming services like Netflix which used to offer a free month trial abandoned free trials altogether.

Hopefully, this does not become more prevalent, because many cord-cutters can go an awfully long time by cycling through various free trial offers from different providers.

Here is a nice list of Free trials available from various streaming TV providers.

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