Cancel Culture Is Alive and Well in Cord-Cutting But It's Not What You Think

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Cancel Culture Is Alive and Well in Cord-Cutting But It's Not What You Think

Post by Admin » Tue Mar 23, 2021 3:13 pm

Many cord-cutters are very familiar with canceling TV services. Because unlike the old days when the big cable industry ran things and dictated to us how we could consume our television entertainment, they made it more difficult to cancel their services.


Satellite TV providers make it especially hard to cancel service. First you need to pay a fee to have their services activated, then sign a two-year contract with an early termination penalty. Plus, there are additional fees to lease their equipment, which really adds up year after year.

Cable TV was a little less painful to cancel. Other than a service fee when you first start up, they did not charge to cancel their service. They also charged monthly rental fees for each cable box for each TV.

But streaming TV services like Netflix, Hulu, and many others are easiest of all to cancel. Services like Netflix even make it easy to cancel and start up again. Because Netflix saves all your likes and recommendations after you cancel service for 10 months.

Canceling and starting different streaming TV providers throughout the year makes sense. By subscribing to only one or two at a time, it will keep your entertainment budget in check. Instead of subscribing to several services at once, you can rotate through several popular streaming TV services throughout the year.

There is so much superb entertainment available to cord-cutters, between the extensive selection of paid and free streaming TV channels the list seems almost endless.

Canceling and starting streaming services is fast, and all you need is a credit card and access to the Internet. Rotating between popular paid channels gives you access to tons more entertainment options at a price that's easier to afford.

Content Providers Are Taking Counter Measures Against Streaming TV Cancel Culture

As easy as canceling and starting streaming TV services are for cord-cutters, TV providers would much rather you sign-up and stay subscribed for many years.

Reliable monthly subscribers are a cash cow for the industry and now some streaming services are taking measures to curb canceling of their service as much as possible.

Netflix stopped offering free 30/day trials, and more providers are offering incentives to sign-up for a year at a time instead of paying month to month. Others are refusing to offer refunds on partially used pre-paid subscriptions.

Subscribing to pay TV streaming has never been easier. And unlike some cable TV providers, which almost takes an act of Congress to cancel. Thankfully, at least for now, canceling a paid streaming TV service is just as easy.

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