The Streaming TV Lines Are Blurring Here's How to Tell them Apart

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The Streaming TV Lines Are Blurring Here's How to Tell them Apart

Post by Admin » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:08 am

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With so many popular streaming services now having multiple options, things can get down right confusing rather quickly.

Hopefully, this can help make some sense of it.

HBO is Linear - Linear is real time TV that is on a schedule; which is the opposite of pre-recorded content or (VOD) Video On Demand which can be watched any time.

HBO GO is SVOD on Cable or Satellite - SVOD means it is Subscription Video on Demand.

HBO Now is OTT SVOD - OTT is Over The Top and this simply means content that is provided over the Internet that does not require one to have a Cable TV or Satellite subscription.

HBO Max in Latin America is the LatAm Premium Bundle
HBO Max in the U.S. is the all WarnerMedia/AT&T Video Bundle

Cinemax is Linear

MAX Go is Cinemax Linear SVOD

AT&T TV - Is Pay VOD TV -

AT&T Now is Live Pay TV - Formerly DirecTV

AT&T Watch - Is Free TV

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