Sling Offers FREE TV On Roku Fire TV and Android

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Sling Offers FREE TV On Roku Fire TV and Android

Post by Admin » Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:00 am

Sling TV recently joined the Free TV 4 U Club


Besides on Roku, they now also offer limited free content on Android and Fire TV streaming devices.
Free content with ads seems to be the way many content providers have been going lately.

Live streaming services have been steadily losing customers. And they have not been able to entice many of the cord cutters who left cable and dish into signing up to their live streaming service.

Maybe it was the amount of ads on live TV which was like adding insult to injury when you consider the rather expensive monthly fees.

So now Sling has joined many of the other great Free Streaming channels which offer free TV content for the price of a few ads.

Here's what you can watch now on Sling TV without a subscription:


Live PD: Police Patrol,
Hell's Kitchen,
3rd Rock From The Sun


The Illusionist
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

And on Oct 15 Sling will be broadcasting for Free the Democratic presidential primary debate. Which is airing at 8 p.m. Eastern on CNN.

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