DEAL ALERT! YouTube Premium Is Offering a 3/month Free Trial!

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DEAL ALERT! YouTube Premium Is Offering a 3/month Free Trial!

Post by Admin » Wed Dec 02, 2020 11:41 pm

YouTube Premium, an ad-free version of YouTube is offering a Free 3-month Trial for New Subscribers.


This is a great deal because you can basically try their service for a full 3/months without it costing a dime. YouTube will even send out a reminder notice 7/days in advance to notify you your trial is about to end. After the trial, YouTube Premium is $11.99/month.

This will allow plenty of time to cancel without your credit card being charged. If you're a chronic procrastinator, here's a trick that will still let you sign-up for a free trial. Plus you won't have to pay if you forget to cancel your free trial.

1. Grab a pre-paid credit card. These are available on eBay. You only want to use a pre-paid card that has a dollar or two left on it.
2. When you sign-up for a free streaming account or any other free trial and absolutely don't want to be charged, be sure to use this only card.
3. When the company attempts to run your credit card for payment, it will fail and they will then reach out asking for another valid credit card to complete the transaction. This gives you another chance to cancel without getting charged.

This is easier than forgetting only to have your card charged. Because once a transaction to a streaming service has gone through. It's a lot harder to get a refund for cancellation.

Click here to grab your free 3/month trial

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