A New PBS Channel for Amazon Prime Subscribers

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A New PBS Channel for Amazon Prime Subscribers

Post by Admin » Mon Aug 03, 2020 3:31 am

PBS is getting ready to release something special on August 4, for Prime subscribers.


A brand-new channel that will exclusively offer all of Ken Burns' documentaries along with other PBS documentaries.

Ken Burns has made some popular shows like Nova, Frontline, American Masters plus other popular series like Nature, American Experience, Independent Lens, “POV, and more.

Unfortunately, the PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel won't be free. It will cost $3.99 per month. But it will also be available through PBS’s Passport.

Passport is a benefit for members who support PBS at a tune of $5/month. And this also includes full access to your local PBS channel as well.

This could be especially helpful, for those that can't receive PBS for free through an antenna.

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