ATTEN ROKU TV GAMERS Try these Settings on Your Roku TV

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ATTEN ROKU TV GAMERS Try these Settings on Your Roku TV

Post by Admin » Mon Nov 25, 2019 7:14 pm

Use These Settings For Gaming on A Roku TV


If you spend any time gaming in a dark room on a Roku TV, you will want to try adjusting these settings for a much better picture.

By default, most all new TVs are set way to bright. This is because they want them to stand out and show their stuff in brightly lit showrooms.

At home in a dimly lit room, these TVs are than WAY TOO BRIGHT! Most people will tell you to just put it in Movie Mode and it will tone down the brightness and contrast. Maybe this works on some TVs but not on a Roku TV the Whites are still Way too White.

Here is How To Set Up Your Roku TV For Gaming

Rest assured, these are not calibration settings so you won't have to access some secret menu that could potentially screw up your Roku TV.

Once applied, these settings will make your TV much more tolerable for gaming in a darkened or pitch black room.

It's not possible to turn off the super white filter on a Roku TV. But there is a setting you can use that will not only dim brightness, it can do so without loosing clarity. It will level out the whites and give you a more natural image on the TV.

Apply the Low Power Mode Setting

You can choose from several picture modes. Here is how Roku recommends changing the picture modes.
To change picture modes, begin playback of a movie or TV show on a streaming channel, or switch to the Antenna TV, HDMI or AV input where your other devices are connected.

After playback begins, press the Star button options button on Roku remote on your Roku TV remote to open the Options menu.

Scroll up or down to Picture mode.
Change the picture mode using the left and right buttons on the directional pad. The directional pad is plus-shaped and is in the center of the remote.
You can choose from the following modes to enhance the picture quality on your Roku TV:

Low Power: Optimized to save energy. (Use this Mode for Gaming in a Dark Room)
Normal: Use this for everyday viewing in moderate to bright rooms.
Vivid: Intense and brilliant picture for use in rooms with a lot of light.
Sports: Optimized for sports viewing where camera panning and action shots are common.
Movie: Ideal for darker rooms to view the movie as the director intended.

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