How to Watch a Ton of Hallmark Type Movies for FREE!

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How to Watch a Ton of Hallmark Type Movies for FREE!

Post by Admin » Fri Dec 13, 2019 2:37 am

Hallmark is a Popular Channel This Time of Year But Now BYUtv Offers The Same Kind of Movies for FREE!


If you have been thinking of subscribing to Frndly TV, or The Hallmark Channel to watch Hallmark type Christmas movies this holiday season.

BYUtv has a Free channel option that will let you watch a ton of great Christmas films for Free!

Point your Roku to BYUtv in the channel store. Or you can also Click this link to instantly add the channel to your Roku from here.

Just make sure to check for updates so the channels will show up right away at the end of your channels list.

The BYUtv app can also be used on Apple Devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Or watch it on Android from the Google App Store. It can also be watched on Fire TV with the app from the Amazon App Store.

Finally, should you want to watch BYUtv from a web browser on a PC click here to sign-up for a free account.

An email address is required, but a disposable email address from also works.

How to Find Christmas Movies on BYUtv

Finding movies for the Christmas season is easy, just click the Search icon which looks like a magnifying glass. And add the Search Term - Christmas. This will pull up a long list of family friendly movies to watch for the holidays.

For a shortcut to see all their Christmas movies, click here!.

But Wait! There's more...
Here is how to watch Season One of Game of Thrones this Holiday Plus a Lot More for FREE!!!

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