New Year's Eve 2019 Here's Where to Stream The Ball Drop

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New Year's Eve 2019 Here's Where to Stream The Ball Drop

Post by Admin » Mon Dec 30, 2019 2:36 pm

Another New Year is Quickly Headed our Way and Here is Where Cord Cutters Can say Goodbye to 2019 and Hello 2020!


As cord cutters, we are a pretty crafty bunch. And one thing we don't mind doing is looking for free ways to find the content we love. And one thing that is always fun to watch on live TV is New Years celebrations from around the world.

This New Year is especially exciting as we enter a brand-new decade. So let's look at some free ways we can watch all the festivities, as people all over the world celebrate and usher in 2020.

YOUTUBE - is your best bet for finding live streams. Just search for New Years Live and you will find all kinds of live streams of people celebrating the big event in real time.

ABC & NBC - Stream both the Ball Drop and the Rose Parade on ROKU. For the Ball Drop, tune in to the Roku Channel and watch ABC Live for Free!

Then on Jan 1, you can watch the Rose Parade but you will need a subscription unless you can receive either NBC or ABC free in HD from an antenna. The parade starts at 8am Pacific Time/11am Eastern Time on ABC and NBC.

Also, try searching YouTube for Rose Parade Live. This will bring up some Free live streams as well.

The New Year may also be a great time to try some Free trials to a new live or on demand streaming service. Here is where you can find a list with links to free trials for the best streaming services available.

Happy New Year Cord Cutters!

We wish you all an outstanding 2020! Please be sure to bookmark and join us throughout this coming year for more awesome streaming tips, news stories, new apps, channels, and much more.

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