Kill All Apps Android Tool

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Kill All Apps Android Tool

Post by Admin » Tue Dec 31, 2019 2:53 pm

Are You Tired of Closing your Running Apps on Android One By One?


Android devices typically are limited on how much memory is available for apps. Sometimes they start running sluggish. And apps start crashing because there is not enough memory available.

When this happens, too many applications may be opened. And they are all competing for memory. Many times you won't even realize these apps are even on and running in the background.

When you do finally find them you need to close them one by one. And this then takes several more time-consuming steps to force quit them all.

Kill All Apps will save a bunch of time by shutting down all running apps at once.

You Can Download the Kill All Apps App for Your Device Here:

Last Updated: 12/14/19
App Version: 1.12.11 MOD

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