Access Hidden Private Roku Channels!

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Access Hidden Private Roku Channels!

Post by Admin » Fri Feb 28, 2020 2:26 pm

Private Roku Channels


There are many private channels that you will never find in the Roku channel store. This is because either they contain prohibited content Roku does not want in their public store or a developer decided to not make their channel public.

Prohibited Public Roku Channels

These channels are not allowed in the Public Roku Channel store:

Channels that contain adult content, nudity or porn.
Channels that contain current copyrighted movies and TV shows without permission or license from the content owners.

Although you can find many private Roku channels that do have this content.

How To Access Roku Private Channels

Private channels can either be added by an add channel link, or by using a code. Those of you that live outside the U.S.A and have a Roku may find you can’t access the Roku Channel store yet can still add private channels as long as you have the code or link.

Where to Find Private Roku Channels

Here is a large list of Roku Private Channels available on Roku which can be added by code.

If you live in the US and can access the Roku channel store, here is a popular A-Z Roku Channels List that also includes many private and public Roku channels along with a brief description. Private channels also show a code.

How to Add Private Channels By Code

To add a channel by code you will need to log in to your Roku user account on their website.

Under the "My account" tab is a link to Manage your account. Click the Add a Channel link to Enter a code to add a private channel to your Roku.

Update Your Roku To Get your Private Channels to Show Up

Before you can watch your new Private Roku channels, you need to do one more thing or your new channels may not show up.

Roku checks for updates automatically which is usually once a day and at this time updates your channels and adds any new ones you may have installed.

To Add new Roku channels immediately do this:

Go to the Home screen by clicking on the Home button on your remote.

Select Settings.

Select System.

Select System Update.

Select Check Now.

When your Roku has finished updating, your new channels will show up at the end of your channels list. You can then move and arrange them so they are easier to find by pressing the asterisk (*) button on your remote.

Now that you know how to find and add private channels have fun. Here are some very popular Roku private channels you may want to add right away.

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