Apple TV+ Is So Bad People Don't Even Want it For Free

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Apple TV+ Is So Bad People Don't Even Want it For Free

Post by Admin » Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:22 pm

You Know it's Bad When You Can't Even Give Away a Year of Apple TV Streaming Service for FREE


Apple makes some very good products, but their Apple TV+ streaming service is not yet one of them.

The Apple TV Media Streamer - Awesome
Apple iPhone - Awesome
MacBook Pro - Awesome
iMac - Awesome
iPad - Also Awesome

But the Apple TV+ Streaming Service is Not so Awesome yet and Here's Why just published an interesting story. "Apple Seeing 'Surprisingly Low Take Rate' For Apple TV+ Free Trials"

Let's think about this for a moment. When you are offered a free one-year trial to a streaming service which is included with a new device why would you not want to take advantage of it?

There are several reasons for this:

1. Simply the fear of forgetting to cancel before the free trial is over could be a big factor. OK, we get this but this should not stop you from taking advantage of the free one-year trial. Especially since Apple will remind you that your free trial is about to end with plenty of time to cancel in advance to your credit card getting charged.

Whenever you subscribe to something on Apple, for a limited Free trial. Before the free trial is over, they will send an email out to the account you signed up with using an Apple User ID. This gives you plenty of time to cancel because they notify you your card is about to get charged.

Another great idea is to set a reminder on a calendar either on your Phone or PC so it will ping you with an alarm or email well in advance to remind you to cancel your free Apple TV+ trial as well.

If you can't remember, when you signed up. Then go to settings/Users and Accounts/ Name of Your Account/Subscriptions and then under Active click on Apple TV+ and under the black and white icon is your Apple TV+ expiration date for your free trial.

If you click the name of the service you subscribed to, you can also see the date your free trial expires. And you can also cancel your free AppleTV+ trial right from this menu on your Apple TV.

If you don't own an Apple TV you can also cancel from a web browser on your phone or PC. Visit and sign in using your Apple ID. Go to the account icon in the top-right corner. Then click "Account Settings" and scroll down to Subscription and click Manage. From there it will tell you how to cancel your free trial to Apple TV+.

2. Suffering from a lack of content. The Apple TV+ service is still pretty new. And while Apple's strategy has been to start off small and trickle in new content as their subscriber base grows. This may have backfired. Unlike Disney+ which launched with a ton of content. Apple TV+ only has a few shows that are included with their service for free.

And forget about free movies. Any movie you try to watch is an extra fee. And paid and free content is all mixed together. So this really limits the amount of included streaming content available. What good is it to have a free trial for a year when you can watch everything worth watching in a month or two?

Now it may become better as time goes on. But Apple needs to spend a lot of money on more content and really beef up their library. Or it won't be able to compete, with Netflix, Disney+, or Hulu.

3. Poor Marketing on Apple's Part is one other reason this service did not get the attention it should. For a company that has had launches of products that were more like rock concerts. Apple TV+ has not received all that much publicity. Especially for shows that deserve it.

Netflix is always sending out emails to its subscribers to tell us what is on and worth watching. Apple should do the same promoting its latest or popular content and letting users add these shows right to their favorites list.

Here Are The Best Shows on Apple TV+ You May Not Know About

While there is not a lot, there are some pretty decent shows on Apple TV+ and here is a list of their most popular shows.

- The Morning Show
- For All Mankind
- Servant
- Always Sunny
- The Elephant Queen
- Little America
- Mythic Quest
- Foundation
- Dickenson
- Helpsters
- Ghostwriter

Don't Cancel Early

If you cancel early you lose the remainder of your free trial. So setting a reminder and canceling a day or two before your expiration date is the best way to maximize your free trial.

You can also use a gift card with one or two dollars left on it. Or use and sign up with a virtual card at

Both these methods ensure your actual credit card will never be charged for a free trial even if you forget to cancel in time.

And who knows, maybe by the time a year is up, Apple TV+ may actually be worth subscribing to for another year.

Here are All the Free Streaming TV Trials You Can Sign Up for FREE TV

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