Suppose TV Could Find Any Channel You Wanted To Watch

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Suppose TV Could Find Any Channel You Wanted To Watch

Post by Admin » Wed Feb 12, 2020 2:47 am

Suppose TV is a search engine that will find your favorite TV channels across many streaming and cable services.


Let's suppose you want to find the History channel and with all the different options, where would you even start to look.

So you could do it the hard way and visit each providers website and search through the channels list for each of the packages they offer.

Many cord cutters after a few unsuccessful searches would probably just give up and look for something else to watch. But it should not be this hard. And many media streamers are kind of missing the mark on this. Imagine for a moment if you turned on your Roku and searched for the History Channel. And all of a sudden your TV screen filled up with all the places you could subscribe with the ability to provide payment information and sign-up for the channel from one of the providers listed from the search results.

While this is still a distant pipe dream on most if not all media streaming platforms. There is an easier way.

Suppose TV Offers An Even Easier Way To Find Streaming TV Channels


Instead of searching to find which service offers your favorite channels the old-fashioned way. Suppose TV can offer you a much easier way to find the channels and which provider has the lowest prices right from their website.

Let's do a channel search on Suppose TV and see who offers it for the best deal.

1. Point your Web browser to:
2. Enter your Zip code. Don't use it from behind a VPN or it won't work.
3. Then choose providers on the list. Local could mean from a TV provider or channels which can easily be obtained free with an Antenna.
4. The search box can be used to quickly find your favorite channel(s) from the list.
5. Content providers which offer the "History" Channel will appear. And the channel will be highlighted in each providers list.

You can choose multiple channels and drag your favorite channels to the top of the list to give them top priority.

The results are shown from the most affordable on the left to the most expansive options on the right.

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