Deal Alert Roku Ultra! Get a new Roku Ultra Here for $59

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Deal Alert Roku Ultra! Get a new Roku Ultra Here for $59

Post by Admin » Thu Jul 18, 2019 3:11 pm

If you missed out on the Prime Day Ultra Deal for $59, eBay still has Brand New Roku Ultras for the same price.


The Roku Ultra is hands down the best Roku you can buy for one reason. It's the only current standalone model that still comes with an Ethernet port.

Why is Ethernet ready important? We added a long post outlining all the reasons here. But to make a long story short, if you plan on streaming Live TV channels or a lot of 4K content then you will want to use an Ethernet cable to connect your Roku to your home network.

So now you can buy Roku's top of the line Ultra for only $59 instead of the regular $89 price.

Get the Roku Ultra Deal Here >>

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