Locast Accuses the Major Broadcasters of Antitrust Violations

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Locast Accuses the Major Broadcasters of Antitrust Violations

Post by Admin » Fri Sep 27, 2019 1:41 pm

Locast the small company who is being sued by broadcasters for rebroadcasting their signal over the Internet for free has turned the tables.


They started a free streaming company rebroadcasting the signals broadcast over the airwaves for free and not charging customers to receive these signals on streaming devices. Instead of charging for this service they constantly beg viewers for donations.

Here is their response to the lawsuit brought forth against them:
The streamer alleges that ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC are engaged in sham copyright litigation and are colluding to deny consumers over-the-air signals they once committed to make freely available.
Read more on the Hollywood Reporter

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