Nov 12 Disney Will Launch Hulu, ESPN+ and DISNEY+ Bundle

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Nov 12 Disney Will Launch Hulu, ESPN+ and DISNEY+ Bundle

Post by Admin » Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:21 pm

New Disney+ ESPN+ Hulu Bundle will Cost $12.99/month


Disney has plans to launch their new premiere bundle starting November 12. And the way it's priced, it may cause more subscribers to defect from Netflix and make last quarter losses seem small in comparison.

With their prices of the new streaming TV service released Disney could soon be a streaming TV force to be reckoned with.

Stand Alone Disney+ Streaming Service to Cost $7.99

With the cost of Hulu+ with ads priced at $5.99 and ESPN+ is priced at $4.99, and by bundling all three streaming service together this would result in a net savings of $6/month.

Considering ESPN+ remains a popular sports package and by Disney bundling it with both Hulu and Disney+ this would make it a popular must have bundled streaming TV package many families will enjoy.

Hulu now has 58 Million subscribers for their ad-supported plan and no doubt they should see a nice subscriber boost from the new bundled package of channels.

Recently Peter Naylor, senior vice president and a head of sales at Hulu told investors that they now have a total of 82 million subscribers overall.

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